Retinal gene therapy research is bringing hope to the inherited retinal disease (IRD) community.


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Identifying the genetic mutation responsible for an IRD is key to understanding what the changing field of gene therapy research might mean for you. Eye Want 2 Know features a number of genetic testing resources as well as a tool to help you locate a provider in your area to help facilitate genetic testing. Isn’t it time to take your first step toward an answer? Declare “Eye Want 2 Know” today.

Viral vector

The role of the viral vector in today’s gene therapy research.

Scientists are exploring the use of viruses in the delivery of investigational gene therapies. The viral vector is a potential microscopic powerhouse in these efforts—and something you will want to know about!


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Our understanding of IRDs, and the potential for science to address these genetic conditions, is always evolving. We’ll help you stay informed.


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